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in loving memory of peter terrington

04.15.08 - peter terringtonIt is with overwhelming sadness that we announce the passing of Peter Terrington. Although many of our new students may not know Peter, he was a vital part of Mende Dance Studio and the dance community for 38 years until his retirement in 2005. Originally teaching in a school as a christian brother in Canada, his career changed when he saw a dance lesson at a local dance studio. It was then that he realized that by teaching dancing he could combine his loves of music and teaching. Peter's passion above all other things was dancing. He enjoyed every aspect of being a dancer - teaching, performing, choreography - and took extra care in preparing for all of the needs of the students from big to small (even in what seemed so small like his lemonade). He took special delight and pride in watching his students young and old progress into well rounded, confident, happy dancers. All who knew him will remember his intricate choreography, and the look of pure joy on his face when he danced. Those of us who knew him well will remember that along with his love for structure was a playful "up for anything" side, a joking spirit that was happy to be the female in a dance every once in a while. Peter was not just a staff member, he was a family member and though he will remain in our hearts forever, he will be missed greatly.

peter terrington video gallery

Click on a name below to view a film clip.

Peter and Mende dance a Fox Trot & Rumba: Christmas Party December 1997

Peter and Maryjane dance a Tango: Spring Showcase May 1988

Peter and his student dance a Hustle: 1979 Showcase at the Milleridge Cottage NY.

Peter and Tatyana dance a Cha Cha: Summer Showcase June 1997

Peter and Rose Kim dance a Triple Swing: Spring Showcase May 1988

Peter and his student Tessie dance a Rumba: Winter Showcase December 1996

Peter and Nancy dance a Samba: Winter Showcase December 1988

Peter and his student Elizabeth dance a Quickstep/ Charleston: Winter Showcase December 1989

Peter and his student Fana dance a Hustle: Winter Showcase December 1988

Peter, Mende, Christina, Rose, Sheila, and Marnie dance a Samba: Winter Showcase December 1998

Peter, Mende, and Alan dance a Salsa: Summer Showcase June 1997

Peter and Aida dance a Cha Cha: Spring Showcase April 2001

Peter, Eleni, Brenda, and Mende dance a Rumba: Spotlight Dance June 2001

Peter and Christina dance a Hustle: Summer Recital June 1994

Peter and his student Marnie dance a Mambo: Winter Showcase December 1988

Peter and his student Daniella dance a Samba: Summer Showcase June 1999

Peter and his student Francesca dance a Fox Trot: Summer Showcase August 1998

Peter and Ghislaine dance a Waltz: Summer Showcase May 2002

Peter and Adele dance a Bossa Nova: Summer Showcase May 2005

Peter and his student Kathleen dance a Paso Doble: Halloween Spotlight October 2002

Peter and Eve dance a Salsa: Winter Showcase December 2001

Peter and his student Martha dance a Tango: Spring Showcase April 2001

Peter and his student Brenda dance a Salsa: Winter Showcase December 1998

Peter and Maisie dance a Merengue: Summer Showcase August 1998

photos of peter terrington

"The memory of a good person is a blessing, cherished memories never fade, for they linger on in one's mind. I flash back through the years, to the time when I first met Peter, before joining the studio. My first encounter with Peter was at the Queen's Mall in 1993. I was shopping, and Peter was there doing a performance. He caught my attention. I was impressed by his dance moves - especially incredible for a man of his age. Feeling amazed after watching him, and influenced by an embarrassing dance experience at a friend's wedding, I decided to take dance lessons. I found Mende Dance Studio by chance, and when I went in to get information I saw Peter there! I was surprised to see him, and told him that I saw his performance at the mall. Because of him I registered and began my first lesson without hesitation. He was responsible for many joys in my life - as a beginner dancer in '96 I won a trophy with my partner Linda which was very unexpected and shocking. Through the years my friendship with Peter grew. As well as teaching me, he would make me copies of dance music on cassette, and give me notes on dancing. Somehow these little things, that were once another part of my life have now turned into treasures for me to cherish. Though he has gone to seek comfort in the arms of the angels, my wife Tessie and I are very thankful for his teaching, friendship, and all of the good laughs we shared with him. Fortunately we have captured many wonderful moments together in photos and videos so he's just a click away when we want to see him. He will always be missed and will remain in our thoughts." - Kane

"Peter was a wonderful instructor, and I recall the days when Peter was the heart and soul of Mende Dance Studio. Wonderful memories of those times will be with me forever. May he rest in peace. " - Rose

"I used to attend the Wednesday Night Group Class a few years ago. On these nights I had a chance to dance, and have a little conversation and joke around with Peter. Surely he will be missed."- Cecil

"Peter was a main stay in my life for as long as I can remember, more like a family member than a friend. Though we spent time together doing everyday things like walking his dog, watching movies, and celebrating holidays, I remember him best at the studio doing his favorite thing: dancing. When I was about 7 or 8 years old my father would take me to the studio with him. As a special treat he would often arrange for Peter to give me a dance lesson. I always looked forward to my lessons with Peter. He taught me advanced steps and seemed to find in me limitless potential. He treated me as an equal, and didn't give me any special attention or make me feel "like a child". He took such joy in sharing his knowledge with me, as he did with all of his students. On the occasion that I went to a studio party he would seek me out and say "Can I have a dance with my favorite partner?", then he would take my hand and hook my arm with his in a rigid but chivalrous manner, and we would walk to the dance floor for a dance. I would very frequently see him asking other students to dance in this same way. I would smile to myself when I heard him say in his rehearsed fashion "Can I have a dance with my favorite partner?". I smiled because there was no doubt in my mind that every person that he danced with was absolutely his favorite partner. I will miss Peter more than any words can express, but I will always appreciate that I got the opportunity to know him and learn from him." -Fana

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